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Accident Insurance

Car Insurance Coverage

We see far too many accident victims without enough insurance coverage to pay for all the injuries and medical bills caused in a car accident. While Virginia has laws regarding some minimum coverages and what coverages an insurance company must offer, the minimum insurance coverages required by law do not meet the needs of many of those injured in a car accident.

Medical Benefits Insurance

In this post we will discuss medical benefits coverage. This coverage pays for an injured person's medical bills regardless of who caused the accident if the bills were the result of a car accident or the use of an automobile. However, this coverage is not mandatory. It must be requested. The amount that an insurer must offer if the coverage is requested but no amount is asked for is only $2,000.00 per person. This amount often will not even cover a trip to the emergency room However, the insurance company and the insured may agree on a different amount. We have seen cases where the medical benefit coverage was $25,000.00 per person.

Unlike other coverages, Medical benefits coverage limits are also multiplied by the number of cars on the policy. For example, if the medical expense benefit per person listed on the policy is $5,000.00 and there are three cars insured by the policy, there is a total of $15,000.00 in medical expense benefits payable to cover medical bills. This insurance can be very important if the driver who caused the accident has minimum insurance and for the person who causes the accident. Also, medical expense benefits are payable as soon as the insured gets billed while liability insurance cases can drag on for years before settlement or trial.

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