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Cycling accidents


Cycling accidents can be devastating to the cyclist. Fatalities and brain injuries are common because of the severe trauma a cyclist can suffer when hit by car or thrown to the ground at 30-40 miles an hour. Automobile drivers rarely understand that bikers have the exact same rights on the road as a car does. Car drivers also do not pay enough attention to cyclists sharing the road with them and often cause crashes because of a failure to look for cyclists.

In cases involving cyclists it is advantageous to have a lawyer who is an experienced bike rider. The perspective of a cyclist/lawyer can help by analyzing the accident from the perspective of a cyclist who is not only familiar with the rules of the road but also familiar with how drivers behave and react towards cyclists.

Matthew O'Herron is an experienced and avid cyclist. During law school he cycled around Ireland for a month. He is a member of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club and follows the racing in Europe during the spring and summer.

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