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Medical Expense Insurance

Medical expense coverage is an option on car insurance policies. The Virginia law which describes it is Code Section 38.2-2201. It pays for medical treatment for accident related injuries regardless of fault. It is a separate coverage from liability and uninsured motorist coverage. An automobile insurer can offer different coverage amounts, usually between $2,000.00 and $10,000.00. Often, if a specific request is made, higher coverage amounts are available. The coverage amount is "stacked" based upon the number of cars on the policy. For example, if there is $5,000.00 in coverage and three cars on the policy, then there is actually $15,000.00 in benefits available. If an insured is injured in a car accident, this coverage can be very important if the other driver has limited insurance or if the insured is partly at fault for the accident. Medical expense insurance will pay the insured directly for medical expenses related to the accident. It applies to medical bills for treatment within three years of the accident. The payments are made when the medical bills are submitted to the insurance company. This means the injured person does not have to wait until the end of a personal injury case to receive payment.

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