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Truck Accident in Fairfax Results in Spine and Bra

Our clients, a husband and wife, were passengers in a van broadsided by the defendant’s tow truck which had run a red light.  Following extraction from the van, our clients were flown by helicopter to the hospital.  The wife suffered multiple spinal fractures.  She also underwent laparoscopic surgery for internal injuries.  Her orthopaedic surgeon stated that she might need future surgery for her back.
The husband suffered a traumatic brain injury with bleeding of the brain.  The bleeding in his brain required an emergency surgery a couple months after the crash.  The husband also suffered an injury to his rotator cuff which was treated with therapy.  The wife had $72,557 in medical bills and lost wages, and the husband had $120,158 in medical bills and lost wages.
Both cases settled before suit was filed for the remaining insurance coverage of $930,000.

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