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Work Accident Northern Virginia

Our client was at the defendant’s warehouse to pick up load for delivery.  He was walking to the bay where his truck was parked when an employee of the defendant backed a forklift out of a truck and ran over our client’s foot, throwing him to the ground while his foot was trapped under the forklift.  The driver of the forklift never looked where he was going and the forklift did not have a working “back-up” alarm.
The forklift fractured our client’s leg in multiple places.  Our client underwent an open reduction internal fixation surgery of his right tibia and a fibular osteotomy surgery at a later date.  The medical treatment cost $44,080.02 and the time lost from work caused $29,548.40 in lost wages.  As a result of mediation with the defense attorney and insurance adjuster, the personal injury case settled for $500,000. The case also resulted in a workers' compensation claim.

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