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Work Accidents


Construction workers face a higher level of hazards and risks for on-the-job injuries than employees in most other lines of work.  Construction sites necessarily entail dangers to those who work there because of the machinery, equipment, hazardous materials, and the risks associated with elevated surfaces and falling objects.  Construction site accidents can be caused by a lack of regard for safety standards, VOSHA violations, negligence of suppliers at the construction site, and defective machinery.

Because of the hazards at construction sites, accidents can cause serious injuries and even death.  In addition to the physical injuries that a construction worker may suffer, there are wage losses that occur when the injured worker cannot return to work.  Many times, injured construction workers suffer injuries so severe that they are unable to return to the same line of work and must accept a lower salary to work in a different field.  Sometimes the injuries can be so disabling as to result in Social Security Disability. Construction accidents often result in workers compensation claims but they can also result in personal injury cases.

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